Monday, September 21, 2009

The top 100 or so Albums of the 00s

So here's phase two of the decade in review: starting tomorrow I'll be taking a look at my favorite albums of the 00s in a similar fashion as I have been with the singles. I'm not doing a strict top 100 list though, still have a LOT of delving and listening to do before I can get one that borders on accurate. What I've got instead is a set of ten albums for each year of the decade, many of which I'll use as a jumping-off point to talk about other albums in the same ballpark or by the same artist that would likely make the "official" top whatever-number-I-settle-on that probably won't get completed til about 2015. I think the total number of albums discussed will wind up closer to 200 than 100, but it'll be done in 100 posts at one post a day until the new year. Towards the end I'll probably only be doing 1 album per post, but in the early stages it'll probably be a pair or a trio of albums in each post. In the future I'll probably get the album posts done in the morning and the singles at night, and since I've (theoretically) got the next few days off I'm hoping to give myself a buffer that prevents me from rushing through either part. We'll see how long until I give up on that though.

Anyway, tomorrow marks the start of that with a two pronged discussion the frustration attendant to great debut albums that never got a proper follow up.

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