Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#93. 'Doesn't care, about to crash'

Vitalic "My Friend Dario"

Once again, I'm faced with a song I have no clue what to say about other than 'it's fucken awesome dudez.' I could go on about the wonders of Vitalic's production, the fact that every single element of the song is synthesized including the vocals, the wonderfully literal music video, but really all that needs to be said is that this is one of the best straight up techno singles of the decade. Vitalic hit on winner of an idea here, fusing a verse section that sounds like Ladytron circa Witching Hour to a chorus that sounds like your friend's garage band practicing without a singer, and created a monster of a dance song. It's hard to say more than that really, and I can't think of any reason to try, especially given that tomorrow's post here is gonna be huge and ranty. So just listen to the damn song, appreciate its awesomeness and come back tomorrow for something more substantial.

I may come back to this later if I get inspired though.

Coming up tomorrow: Ground zero for why everyone misapplies the term emo.

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