Friday, October 30, 2009

#67. Melt-Banana - "Cell-Scape" (A-Zap, 2003)

Melt-Banana made a pop record.

Melt-fucking-Banana made a pop record?

Melt-Banana made a fucking POP record?!?!

OK, not quite, but the transition from the ADD bursts of hyperfast, impossibly agile 2-minute maximum blasts of Japanese experimentalism to the contents of "Cell-Scape" makes it seem like that. The songs are just as quick and kinetic, but they're actual songs now instead of teh fragments that populated the band's previous albums. And they're somewhat catchy to boot - I personally can't stop humming various parts of "A Dreamer Who Is Too weak to Face Up To" ans "Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold." It might also be the closest thing to showing the quartet in peak form musically, as Agata's guitar winds through impossibly fast runs, Rika's bass matches that sort of intensity and drummer Dave Witte keeps pushing things along at an unbelievalbe clip. The cumulative effect is like a strobe light for your ears.

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